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87 % of the Earth’s crustal consists of a crystal quartz substance. 70% of the earth's surface is covered with water; just like 70 % of our body consists of water. Crystal and water spring from the same root.


Is it possible that consequently crystal quartz plays the same role in our life?


In our days all segments of technology are influenced by crystal quartz due to the usage of chips.


We know from technology that everything consists of crystals, partially because the atomic structure itself is one consisting of crystals.


The same is true for light, due to the different vibrations of light waves.


Crystal quartz if the cleanest white light, the vital force itself.

Through its quantum-like quality we can connect to Source.


The specialty of crystal quartz is that if can receive, store and transmit information. Isn’t it similar to the qualities of human beings? (To receive, keep and transmit love.) Human beings are walking crystals. Crystal quarts is live, it accepts Wholeness, just like human beings do.



A treatment done on the ethereal body, by the information of the crystal quartz that is programmed with love; providing the necessary corrections to the organs through the meridians of the body.



The program of the Higher Self is transmitted by the light of the crystal in order to activate the DNA (from 30% to 100%).



The crystal is the tool of realization, which fills the pattern projected by our mind with life. Master existence. Arrival to the God living inside us. „Everything is possible as everything can be changed. ” /Kryon/


CRYSTALPUNCTURE is a gift given from the „stars”, which is accessible to everyone through the will of the heart. It is the mission of my life to hand over this knowledge.


Courses: Dr. Aranka Terézia Kellermann, doctor and spiritual crystal therapist.

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